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Combining a wealth of surface detail and exposed structure with an evocative hint of mystery and potential, Veil has become an emblematic photo for me.

Print Details:
Using a hybrid laser and wet chemical process on 232 gsm Fuji Crystal paper, this method goes beyond standard pigment printing by producing an actual photographic print. The unique, museum-grade silk-texture surface excels at presenting detail, while holding vivid whites and colors for a lifetime.

Framing and Sizing:
Listed sizes refer to the image area. These prints also include a generous margin to facilitate framing. The first three sizes have a 1.18" margin, while the two larger sizes have a 1.97" margin.

6x4" = 8.3x6.4"
12x8" = 14.4x10.4"
18x12" = 20.4x14.4"
24x16" = 28x19.9"
30x20" = 33.9x23.9"

Fine art framing is a choice best made by individuals and their local expert frame shop, but we can offer an essential range of elegant options if needed. Get in touch to discuss possibilities and pricing.

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