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background and approach

Patrick Hutchison is a photographer and multimedia artist whose wandering creative path ultimately brought him to an education in Media Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Patrick’s photography observes the transformation of our built environment through cyclical destruction and recombination, which often reflects societal transitions like the struggle for immigration, labor, and racial justice. His installations and books use objects, light, and sound to evoke shared memory and emotion, touching on themes including addiction, pandemic, and shelter. Extended projects have included yearly explorations of the Driftless region of southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and capturing the indeterminate state of his neighborhood in the wake of the George Floyd protests. Patrick’s work has been shown by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and in juried shows at Homewood Studios, Vine Arts, and Praxis Gallery in Minnesota and the A Smith Gallery in Texas. His sculptures have been installed at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Burren College of Art, Ireland.

Patrick also creates commercial work as Deep Planes Creative, offering thoughtful design, photography, and visual identity consultation services.

Photo by Sasha Elenko, 2021

shows and installations

Drawn, Printed, Inked & Bound
MCAD Concourse Gallery, 6/10 - 8/14 2022

Slow Entanglement
MCAD Commencement Exhibition, 5/4 - 5/14 2022 [multimedia install]

Ferment: Potential
BCA Sculpture Garden, 12/16 2021 - present [sculpture install]

Wild with Foam and Glitter
BCA Studio Gallery, 12/11 - 12/15 2021

Domino Theory
MCAD Scuplture Garden, 7/15 - 10/17 2021 [sculpture install]

Letters, Numbers, & Symbols
Praxis Photo Arts Center, 5/15 - 5-29 2021

Mercy of the Moon
A Smith Gallery, 5/14 - 6/4 2021

For the Exposure
MCAD Sculpture Garden, 5/1 - 5/21 2021 [photography install, co-curator]

Foot in the Door
Minneapolis Institute of Art, 11/1 2020 - 1/10 2021

A Smith Gallery, 9/6 - 10/20 2019

Discovery, Invention, Process
Homewood Studios, 4/4 - 4/22 2019

Fields and Familiarity
Vine Arts Center, 11/10 - 11/24 2018

awards and recognitions

Presidential Merit Scholarship 2018-2022

Foundations Merit Scholarship

Study Abroad Program Burren College of Art 2021

Hearst Photography Merit Scholarship

MCAD Library Artist's Book Competition
2022 [honorable mention]


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